Beware while selecting FSC Certification Services providers India


Beware while selecting FSC Certification Services providers India

FSC Certification Bodies and FSC Certification Service providers need to be carefully selected and their past credentials should be verified. Consultants listed on popular B2B portal (like INDIAMART) are claiming quick fix on FSC certifications services should not be entertained.

Customer reference, along with the verification of customer’s certificate could be the way to find out the Certification Body’s claim to deliver the FSC Certificates.

With a rise in fake certification providers and FSC consultants claiming to provide FSC certification in lieu of basic company details are proving to be a menace for small and large companies across the country.

Earlier in 2021, FSC received information that two United Kingdom-registered entities, UK Merit Assessments Ltd. and United Accredium Certification and Inspection Limited, posed as authentic certification bodies and provided counterfeit FSC certificates in the Indian market.

Source: FSC News, 22 July 2021