Certification Bodies

FSC Certification Bodies

Certification Bodies play a vital role in assessing whether the entities undergoing certification are adhering to the Principles and Criteria of FSC. A thorough audit is conducted to assess the various aspects of the entity, before it is granted the permission to use the claim of FSC Certification.

FSC Certification Bodies accredited to conduct audits are responsible to make sure the entities adhering to the FSC Principles and Criteria are awarded the certifications.

A FSC Certification Body hence plays a vital role in ensuring the adherence to standards laid down by FSC.

What to expect from a FSC Certification Body

For carrying out a fair audit, a FSC certification body follows certain dos and dont’s. Their independent view ensures, that Certificate Holders are evaluated properly.

  1. A FSC certification body can not prepare you for the audit
  2. A FSC certification body can not provide company specific FSC training
  3. Certification bodies can interview any employee working on the floor

To Dos for a Certificate Holder

Before contacting FSC Certification Bodies in India or CBs anywhere, for carrying out audit of your company, ensure that your company meets the requirements, laid down in the standards.

  1. Once ready, train key people in your company
  2. Make sure all documents as prepared

If engaging a FSC consultant, for helping you with FSC audit, check his experience in FSC audits. Being a relatively new concept, it is possible, that your consultant has relatively less or no experience in handling FSC audits.

FSC consultants in India, could be relatively less experienced than their counter parts in Europe, as FSC Certification is a newer concept in India, as compared to Europe.

FSC Certification Bodies in India - Role