Project Certification

What is FSC Project Certification?

As defined by FSC, a project certification could be either given for renovation or one-off production of a single object or a set of similar or related objects of any size or scale. For example, a project could, be an office building, a sub-division of houses, a civil engineering project, event infrastructure (concert stages, seating) like stadiums, a sailboat, etc.

The FSC project Certification will enable the project owner to make promotional claims regarding the sourcing or content of FSC-certified wood.

What are the requirements to get FSC for a Project?

FSC Certification for a Project (Home, Stadium, Sailboat etc.) could be availed by the following ways:

  1. Purchasing the product FSC-certified and/or post-consumer reclaimed wood material/products from an FSC certificate holder.
  2. By including companies in the scope of the FSC project certificate if they have been contracted/sub-contracted to purchase, transform and/or install FSC certified wood material/products specifically for the project.

Examples of FSC Project Certification

Hotels & Housing Project

wooden housing project

Stadiums & Kiosks

basketball stadium

Sailboats & Wooden Carts

wooden boats

Want to know if your Project is eligible for FSC Project Certification?

If you are an architect or an infrastructure company, and wish to know more about FSC Project Certification contact us.

If your suppliers do not hold FSC certification and you would like to find out more about getting certified, please get in touch.