We help companies and consumers to procure environmentally and socially responsible materials through this platform. Buying products that carry the FSC label is your guarantee a product comes from a forest evaluated against FSC’s rigorous environmental and social standards. FSC label helps companies and consumers to be confident in their purchasing decisions.

All products that are FSC-certified contain wood or wood fiber from FSC-certified forests, recycled material and/or controlled wood.

FSC Certified Handicrafts, FSC Certified Paper and FSC Certified Doors & Window Frames are in great demand in India and other countries.

FSC Certified Brushes in Sri Lanka, find large number of buyers and importers, these FSC Certified Brushware are generally made from rubber wood sourced from FSC Certified Rubber Wood plantations in Sri Lanka.

Today, garment manufacturers are taking a pledge to use FSC certified viscose or FSC Certified viscose blended fabrics for their garments. The trend is catching up, ensure best forest management practices.

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