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FSC Certified Printer & Publisher

Sustainable forest management has become a global issue with consumers demanding green wood products and paper that originate from well managed forests. Environmental concerns, especially those of illegal and indiscriminate logging, have been translated by forest certification into market signals that affect the printers, publishers and label manufacturers.

Large corporate have realised the importance of sustainability and sustainable products. As a part of their sustainable procurement policy, they have been the driving force behind the procuring FSC Certified paper for their business needs like Products, Books, Packing Material to the extent that companies have started printing their Annual Reports on FSC Certified paper.

Why Print FSC Certified Labels ?

You are a label printer producing eco friendly labels, eco friendly stickers, green labels, environmentally friendly labels supplying it to India, Europe or United States of America, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification will help you get the recognition of manufacturing your label products with the most stringent forest management practices of the world.

Why become a FSC Certified Printer ?

Do you as a printer have the ability to add an FSC logo to your print job if requested by a customer?

When a company commissioning the printing of a report or brochure wishes to demonstrate its commitment to forest sustainability by using certified paper, it can request that the printer add a certification label to a prominent page. To be able to do so, as trademarks are strictly enforced, the printer must not only correctly source the paper, but must have CoC certification to demonstrate that appropriate control systems are in place. The FSC owns the trademarks to the initials ‘FSC’, to the words ‘Forestry Stewardship Council’, and the FSC logo.

FSC Certification for Publisher?

FSC Certified Printers and Publishers are important links in the chain and so either the printer or the publisher is required to have FSC CoC to use the  FSC Label on printed publications. Cornell University Press was the first book publisher in the world to produce a book on paper certified to have come from a well-managed forest.

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