Paper & Pulp

FSC Certified Paper

The Forest Stewardship Council certifies the paper came from sustainably harvested forests.  Various types of FSC Certificates ensure traceability of the entire chain, from raw material sourcing to paper reaching the end consumer. With per capita paper consumption of India close to 8.3 Kg, we expect it to grow in the future. The growth in paper industry has been similar to the growth in GDP of the country.

The current paper requirement is being met by recycled paper, paper from virgin wood and agro residue respectively, sustainable forest management practices will not only help the paper industry to engage in sustainable practices, but also help the paper industry an assured supply of raw material for future.

Type of Paper Companies who can get Certified

» Newsprint

» Printing & Writing

» Household & Sanitry (Tissue)

» Packaging

» Recycled Paper

» Non-wood fibre Paper (Paper from Agro Residue)

Certified Paper Products

FSC Certified Paper in India could be available in various types like FSC Certified Printing & Writing Paper, FSC Certified Packaging Paper, FSC Certified Greeting Cards, FSC Certified Business Cards, FSC Certified Labels, FSC Certified Coated Paper and FSC Certified Uncoated Paper etc.

FSC Certified Paper Suppliers

AP Paper Mill, BILT, West Coast Paper Mills are some of the FSC Certified Paper Companies in India, selling various types of certified paper in India. The demand for FSC Certified Paper in India is expected to grow in the years to come. Contact us to get a list of FSC certified paper mills in India.